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Agriculture Scholarship

The Scholarship
The Scholarship
In commemoration of George Reunion-2012

A scholarship will be awarded to a deserving Grenadian youth between the ages of 17 – 26 for a high level of academic excellence and voluntary service.

Scholarship Entitlement
The scholarship includes: Funds to be allocated to tuition fees towards a Bachelor’s degree in Agriculture.  The successful applicant must maintain at least a “B” average to maintain scholarship status.


  • Applicants must be considered as needing help financially  in securing a university education
  • Applicants must be considered  all-round high achievers and exhibit keen interest in the field of agricultural science
  • Applicants must have been or are presently contributing members of community programs
  • Applicants must have attained university academic entrance requirements



  • Copy of  school’s official transcript
  • Official letter from an academic institution, verifying that applicant is in good standing in the institution and is scholarship worthy
  • Two  character reference letters from individuals who have known the applicant for at least five years
  • Letter from Applicant (not exceeding; 1,000 words) demonstrating  worthiness of the scholarship and including the following:
    • Demonstrate you are an applicant in need
    • Demonstrate  you have done voluntary work in the community, church or school
    • Demonstrate your passion for the field of Agriculture
    • Demonstrate your aspirations and dreams on how you see yourself  serving Grenada upon completion of your studies   


Selection of Applicant
Applicant will be selected through a democratic and fair process based on a point system.

 Judges will be appointed to rank the applicants.  Judges will be selected from diversified background. Members of the reunion committees, family and relatives of the applicants are not eligible to serve on the judging panel.  Applicants receiving the three highest scores will be called for personal interviews. The applicant receiving the overall highest score becomes the Scholarship recipient.

Upon achieving a Bachelors’ of Science Degree in agriculture, the Recipient will return to work and serve Grenada in the field of agriculture for a period of at least five consecutive years in order to satisfy the scholarship’s  bonded agreement.



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